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Integrated project work is our base.

Beyond facts and figures, integrated project work is the foundation of our activities. Besides the contentual outcomes of a consulting project we emphasize collaborative initiatives, interactions and resulting changes.

As your partner we help you to overcome barriers, initiate changes and accompany processes.

The following 5 phases are part of our work:




5 phases of work (figure: Kesting)


Phase 1: Analysis

From the very beginning we set value on a cooperative partnership, which already appears in the joint analysis of the customer's facts and figures.

Phase 2: Interpretation

The analysis of facts and figures is one thing, another is their interpretation. This will only be successful in collaboration with the customer.

Phase 3: Acceptance

Procedures to achieve an objective will only be effective, if they are accepted by all stakeholders. Copying or execution without understanding won't be successful.

Phase 4: Conception

The following conception of procedures and objectives is another step towards the intended operational alteration.

Phase 5: Realisation

If the necessary procedures are commonly accepted, their realisation will be supported with energy and commitment.
We coach our customers during the transfer process and ensure effectiveness through permanent monitoring.


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